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Friday, April 13, 2007

Tatto Me Now - Huge Untapped Market

"Who Else Wants Instant
Access To Thousands Of Gorgeous Tattoo Designs You Can Browse From
The Comfort Of Your Home?”

....And Find Tattoos You'll be In Love With For The Rest Of Your Life!

Now You Don't Have To
Go Through Piles And Piles Of Binders At Your Local Tattoo Parlors To Find The Tattoo That You Want And End Up In Frustration Because They Don't Have It...

If You Were To Get Access To The Same Quantity Of Designs From Other Sites It Would Cost You A Bloody Fortune! In fact, over $24,000!
I'm not joking...

If you were going to try to find over 3500 designs on your own it would take you several months (that's how long it took me to find them) or you would have to pay at least $7-$15 per design. That's what other sites are charging. Some charge even more.

Let's do the math: 3500 x $7 = $24,500


My initial plan was to charge $149 for an unlimited pro membership.

After all, it really is an awesome resource of tattoo designs that I have put an awful lot of work into, which in turn will save you a ton of time and frustration.

All Of This, And A Lot More, Is Waiting For You Right Now, But You Better Act Quick! Here's Why....

Now listen... For a very limited time I've decided to practically give away the membership for just $49.95...

In fact I'm prepared to slash $25 off and make it only $24.95 as a special very time limited offer.


Well, the reason I've decided to do this is because the site is new and I want to get as many members as possible in the launch phase to create a real "buzz" around the site.

Now let's see what some of our members are saying. Let's start off with seasoned tattoo artist Michael Deavers...

So what are you waiting for....Click and be a member as the prices are going high soon.

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